The transition into and through retirement is fraught with risk.  You have passionately dedicated your life to the pursuit of a single dream, achieving at the highest level.  In may ways, your career has been all-consuming.

Your identity, self-esteem, and perhaps even life purpose have been defined by your career and your achievements.  As an elite athlete, relationships have revolved around teammates, coaches, reporters, fans, and the entourage, and life has been structured by workout and practice regimens, by travel schedules, and by games, meets, matches, and tournaments.

As a non-athlete, relationships have revolved around colleagues, students, patients, and clients, and life has been structured by work and travel schedules, by requests from the boss, and by deadlines, reports, meetings, and business cycles.

Then one day, as an athlete, whether by your choice, by a coach’s or general manager’s decision, or because of injury, your typically short college, professional, or Olympic career is over.  Or as a non-athlete, whether by choice, by a boss’s or company’s decision, or because of health issues, your long career is over. 

What’s next?  What happens After the Cheering Stops?

"I enjoyed reading it and finally have words to describe emotions that I experienced (sometimes still do) regarding the transition from player to human being."

Jerry Reuss: Retired Major League Pitcher

"A great read!  I really liked the book a lot.  The stories and quotes really bring the message to light."

Julie Isphording: Retired Olympic and International Marathoner

"At the Sports Financial Advisors Association, we value financial literacy for active and retired professional athletes and their families, and we strive to provide timely education to enhance financial life skills.  We also know that life and life skills are about so much more than the money.  Spector's book will help any elite athlete or non-athlete integrate the non-financial aspects of transition to retirement with financial literacy and planning--helping answer the question, 'What do I do now?'"

Jonathan Miller: CPA, co-Founder and President of Sports Financial Advisors Association, Managing Member of StarCross Management

Alan Spector

"I've had the privilege of being close to athletes at all levels, from high school to college to professional.  They put their hearts and souls into their sport, but inevitably need to move on to other things.  After the Cheering Stops provides the guidance athletes need to prepare for and make this huge life transition.  Every athlete should read this book to begin planning for life-after-sport.  And Spector's advice about how to make the most of retirement applies to the rest of us as well.'"

Tom Ackerman: Sports Director, KMOX, St. Louis Home of the Cardinals and Blues

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