Alan Spector

America's first cohort of Baby Boomers began their high school careers in the early 1960s, on of the most remarkable periods of transition in our country's history--the launch of the modern women's movement; the birth of civil rights legislation; the sowing of the seeds of the environmental movement; JFK's declaration that we would put a man on the moon; and the escalation of the Vietnam War.  The era also forged relationships among high school classmates that, for many, would grow even stronger as they individually and collectively  matured through the years.

Alan Spector brings that era alive in this fast-paced, insightful account--steeped in the culture and historical events of the time and in the experiences of his University City High School Class of 1964.  Spector then chronicles the journey of his class and, in essence all Baby Boomers, as they build families, careers, and lives through the intervening decades to the present.  Finally, Spector dares to look into the future of his Baby Boomer class.

It's been almost a half century since the nation's baby boomers entered their formative high school years.  Alan Spector brings their memories alive again...It's all there--the classes, the crushes, and the calamities.

Ted Gest: President--Criminal Justice Journalists; Author--Crime & Politics

Al's storytelling drew me in and made me feel part of his class and their close relationships.  Everyone reading Hail Hail to U City High will be able to relate their friendships to those of Al's classmates.

Judy Van Ginkel: President--Every Child Succeeds; Author--Life Begins and Ends with Girlfriends

Anyone who has ever been part of a group of people who meant so much to each other that their friendship overcomes time and distance will thoroughly enjoy Al Spector's book.

Ken Fouts: Director--NBC Sports (retired)