Alan Spector

A third of the workforce is over 50 and 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring every day and will do so for the next decade and a half.  Most Boomers face retirement with a healthy dose of both excitement and anxiety.

Only a small fraction of prospective retirees have developed a plan for their future and few have paid attention to anything other than financial aspects--yet financial security is but one of the ten key elements of a fulfilling retirement.

Your Retirement Quest provides unique insights based on extensive research, interviews with hundreds of retirees, and personal experience, about how to prepare for and practice retirement while still working.  Alan Spector and coauthor Keith Lawrence discuss how to best spend your precious retirement time, and they provide a proven, practical approach to plan a meaningful future.  Experiencing the book will help you feel more confident in your future, more engaged at work, and more energized to live a full and fulfilling retirement.

The ideas of Your Retirement Quest are simple, but magical; the cases are compelling and personal; the exercises are insightful and useful.

Dave Ulrich: Professor, Ross School of Business University of Michigan; Partner--The RBL Group

The authors strike an unusual Golden Mean; they help readers engage in deep self-reflection on the core questions of life and also provide the practical tools for fulfillment.

Laura Nash, PhD: Former Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School

Your Retirement Quest provides a rich roadmap to making your retirement healthy, happy, intellectually stimulating, and meaningful.

Tony Schwartz: Founder and President of The Energy Project

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