Alan Spector

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The African proverb states, “When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.”  A complementary precept is, “When the branches are strong, there is no reason to fear climbing higher.”

Trees are the ideal metaphor for the growth and development of individuals and families across generations.  Sturdy trees have deep roots and strong branches, and when exposed to threatening winds, trees grow stress wood, making them even more resilient.

Previous generations have nurtured our life’s tree, and we then assume stewardship and the responsibility to tend the tree for future generations—further deepening roots and strengthening branches.  We can best do this if we develop a sense of self, mindfully answering three questions: 1) Who am I?  2) How did I become this person?  3) How will I affect future generations?

In Deep Roots; Strong Branches, Alan Spector reflects on his answers to these questions and prompts the reader to do the same.  He uses his life’s stories and lessons learned, combines them with the stories and lessons of many others, and invites stories and learning from the reader.  Hence the subtitle, Reflecting on Life Lessons Learned; A Mindful Multi-Memoir.