As a Baby Boomer or older, you’ve managed the transition from career to retirement and now face a new transition, that of aging through retirement.  What challenges should you anticipate, and how will you manage them?  What opportunities await you, and how will you take advantage of them?  Retired-Agers will help you answer these questions and guide you through a life planning process to increase the odds that you will be Thriving and Finding Meaning as You Age through Retirement.   

Author Alan Spector has been studying, writing and blogging about, speaking about, and living retirement for more than two decades.  His previous two retirement-oriented books (Your Retirement Quest and After the Cheering Stops) have helped thousands of Baby Boomers transition from their career to their new phase of life.  At 75, as Spector ages through retirement, he remains active in the three companies he has founded since retiring, continues to play baseball with “kids his own age,” and he is a gym rat, a community volunteer, an 11-year leukemia survivor, and, importantly, the active and proud grandfather of four.  Spector lives in St. Louis with his wife, Ann, with whom he travels extensively.


The transition into and through retirement is fraught with risk.  You have passionately dedicated your life to the pursuit of a single dream, achieving at the highest level.  In may ways, your career has been all-consuming.  Your identity, self-esteem, and perhaps even life purpose have been defined by your career and your achievements.  As an elite athlete, relationships have revolved around teammates, coaches, reporters, fans, and the entourage, and life has been structured by workout and practice regimens, by travel schedules, and by games, meets, matches, and tournaments.  As a non-athlete, relationships have revolved around colleagues, students, patients, and clients, and life has been structured by work and travel schedules, by requests from the boss, and by deadlines, reports, meetings, and business cycles.  Then one day, as an athlete, whether by your choice, by a coach’s or general manager’s decision, or because of injury, your typically short college, professional, or Olympic career is over.  Or as a non-athlete, whether by choice, by a boss’s or company’s decision, or because of health issues, your long career is over.  What’s next?  What happens After the Cheering Stops?

Alan Spector

Since Your Retirement Quest was published in 2010, Keith Lawrence’s and Alan Spector’s retirement life planning concepts and tools have stood the test of time.  The many thousands who have read the book and attended workshops conducted by the authors across the country have validated that life planning enables retirees to live the fulfilling retirement they have worked so hard to deserve.  Your Retirement Quest brings all the essential elements to living a fulfilling retirement together in one place. The book empowers both prospective and current retirees to envision their future, to develop a personal plan that is unique to their life circumstances, to stimulate provocative “crucial conversations” that ensure alignment of their vision and plan with those closest to them, to “practice retirement” for those still working, and to implement their plan and keep it fresh throughout their retirement years.  Your Retirement Quest does this by identifying and describing each of the “10 key elements of a fulfilling retirement,” by relating the real-life stories of retirees who have over 300 cumulative years of retirement experience, by sharing pertinent supporting research, by recognizing the importance of financial security but only in the context of the many other factors that make up a meaningful future, and by providing a practical approach to retirement life planning.

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